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COMMENT - The Election

The exit of corporations from this country that began during Bill Clinton's reign did not happen by accident. It happened because the laws were changed to enable those corporations to make huge profits if they closed their factories in the US and re-built them in other countries.

Why did the politicians change the laws to benefit other countries instead of their own? Why won't they change them back?

I wonder. Perhaps the politicians figure it is time for the Mexicans to have the jobs instead of Pennsylvanians or Iowans. Or perhaps they want American salaries to be paid to the people of India to answer phone calls because Indians are so easy to understand. But I doubt it. The real reason why the politicians don't want to fix the laws is because they have been paid.

How were they paid? Well, paying off a politician is not always easy because corporations cannot contribute to politicians and corporations are where the money is. The same is true for foreign governments. They can't just write a check. They have to do a round-robin. That is, they don't pay the money directly to the politician. They give it to a third party, like a foundation, who takes the money and uses it under the table to get the "donor" what he bargained for.

Let's get specific. Try Googling "Did Mexico contribute to the Clinton Foundation" (Mexico got the NAFTA treaty and thousands of jobs) or try "Did the media contribute to the Clinton Foundation" (Major corporations own the media) or try "Did Russia contribute to the Clinton Foundation" (Russia got a 20% interest in US plutonium). And come to your own conclusion.

Do you really believe that these governments and corporations paid millions upon millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation because they wanted to be sure that the little children of Haiti got clean water?

Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton put secret US government email on her private computer-system so she could use an ipad? Or is it more reasonable to conclude that she put it on her own computer-system so she could erase the emails that showed what she was doing through the Clinton Foundation?

The US has a difficult choice to make. After it is all said and done we have to vote for a really attractive woman who sells influence (and sells us) for a living or we have to vote for a very intelligent, non-nonsense type guy who needs nice-lessons.