Mission Statement

Our goal is to protect our clients. This includes a second goal which is to provide a bankruptcy with no surprises.


In the event that a client or clients are facing crushing financial obligations that they cannot meet, our job is to protect them from debt collections, lawsuits, losses of assets, IRS, foreclosures, and seizures of assets. And to provide them with a bankruptcy discharge that will ensure them a fresh start and the preservation of the maximum amount of their assets. In order to do this, we meet at length with our clients to determine if bankruptcy is best route for them. If so, we then formulate a plan of action that will provide them protection, discharge of debt and a fresh financial start. That plan is then implimented in bankruptcy court.


In the event that a client is a business, a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership or other entity that is facing loss, our goal is to provide experienced advice that will give the debtor a clear understanding of what he really has to fear and what he does not have to fear, and his relative risks. The debtor who believes that he understands his actual exposure without consulting bankruptcy counsel is often in significant danger without realizing it. Often attorneys are uncertain as well because insolvency and bankruptcy law is a specialized area that is not often encountered in most law practices. Our goal is to provide a reorganization or liquidation that realizes a financial benefit that exceeds the amount of the fee. If it appears that this is not feasible in your case, we will advise you.


If a client is a creditor or a group of creditors, our goal is to provide experienced advice that is oriented toward the weak points of the debtor and the breaking points of the debtor's bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorneys with experience representing debtors are the most qualified counsel to locate these weak points. We then formulate a plan of action to strike at these points. Our goal is to realize a financial benefit for you that will exceed the amount of the fee.


Mr. Chesnutt does not represent dishonest clients, especially dishonest debtors. One should should look elsewhere for counsel if his intent is to circumvent a bankruptcy law.