Hourly Fees

We offer graduated hourly fees for complicated individual bankruptcies and reorganizations. The fee is graduated from $100 per hour through $550 per hour depending on the type of work performed.

Set Fees

A set fee is a fee that will not change unless a bankruptcy is contested or something unanticipated by the original fee occurs. For instance, if a creditor objects to a discharge because of fraud, the defense of that objection is not included in the fee. Other reasons to elevate the fee may be because of an absence of records, or, if for any reason, the preparation of a bankruptcy papers is inordinately difficult and time consuming. We offer set fees for some bankruptcies.

Set fees range from $1500 up.

Our fees are generally competitive with experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas and Plano.

Flat Fees

We offer flat fees for selected cases.

Contingent Fees

We offer contingent fees for selected cases.