Single Women

Single women are often taken advantage of by unscrupulous, dishonest or irresponsible companies and individuals.  They can find themselves in impossible financial situations through no fault of their own. These women need attorneys who are sensitive to the issues they face and help them get a fresh start in life,

A large percentage of consumer bankruptcies in America are cause by prolonged unemployment, serious medical illness, or divorce.  Our culture puts a negative spin on bankruptcy due to misconceptions and lack of information.  The emotional pain and stress are nevertheless very real and need to be recognized and dealt with.  Bankruptcy should be a wise financial decision, not a guilt-producing act.

In a free enterprise system where a woman are allowed to succeed, she must also be allowed to fail and start over.  Texas is one of the best states to start over in life and in business because of generous State Exemptions.  The Texas State Legislature wanted oilmen, ranchers, and other businessmen to be able to fail and start over, so they passed legislation allowing people to keep certain property through a bankruptcy and get a fresh start.