We do not publish the names of clients or bankruptcy judges.

Some Interesting Results

(case numbers will be provided to referring counsel on request; numbers reflected below are approximations)

Chapter 7. Doctor was forced into a Chapter 7. He had filed a previous bankruptcy with other counsel and lost an objection to his discharge. This resulted in a final (res judicata) non-dischargeable judgment in the amount of $500,000. Issues were discovered by our office. We negotiated a settlement of $20,000.

Chapter 11. Unsecured creditor with claim for $1 million was scheduled to receive $30,000 from the unsecured creditors fund. We were able to obtain $400,000 for the client.

Chapter 7. Comerica Bank objected to the discharge of $400,000 owed by a dentist. Comerica Bank lost entirely.

Chapter 11. Famous seafood and steak house business threatened with failure and insolvency. Business saved.

Chapter 7. Lady who worked as a maid all of her life completed payments on a small home. But she gave a lien on her home to a gentleman who came to her front door and offered to do home improvements for long easy terms and massive interest. When she missed a payment, they added penalties and interest upon interest and attorneys fees and she could not make up the delinquent payment and make the next payment as well. Our office discovered an exception in the law that they had relied upon and we sued them in bankruptcy court. They never came to court. The bankruptcy court voided the lien on her house and she emerged free of debt and free of any encumbrance on her home.

Chapter 7. Our firm represented 1500 doctors in the massive bankruptcy of a "contributory" medical insurance company. Each doctor was liable to the bankruptcy estate for $3500 to $10,000. We settled all of our clients for 10% to 12% of their obligations.


"Charles is an amazing Bankruptcy attorney, I lean on him for advice in the area routinely. He has years of experience in knowing the real ways in which the system works, and not just knowing the law, but how we can work with the system effectively to achieve results needed." (Former client, who is also an attorney)

"...Such success represents quite an achievement...as noted, Mr. Chesnutt successfully guided the Debtor through a difficult case to confirmation of a plan of reorganization despite secured claims, contentious litigation, and considerable opposition." (United States Bankruptcy Judge, In re Designer Auto Sales, Inc., United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, Case No. 14-32301, Order on the Final Application for Compensation, docket entry #145). Bankruptcy Judge

"As you know, I have dealt with attorneys all my working life. There are several things that set you apart from the others:

You are professional and know the law very well. 1) Your expertise saved her home ... which more than paid your fee twenty fold. 2) We weren't shoved off to paralegals. You handled the case personally from start to finish. 3) You were always available to answer our questions. You always answered our telephone calls right away. In today's world, that is rare indeed. 4) When we had to made decisions, you gave us the benefit of your counsel, without hedging as most attorneys do. I really appreciated your forthright manner. 5) We were very satisfied with the end result. Charles, you might cost a litte more, but your are certainly worth it. You will always get our hightest recommendation." (From a client)

"Your guidance and knowledge of the bankruptcy law was such a great relief that when the case was finally heard (2 years) the results were everything we could hope for. I thank you for your patience and leadership for helping me start my credit life over. Integrity, leadership and knowledge is all any one could hope for in matters such as these." (From a client)

"After a business partner left me in an untenable financial situation I used Charles Chesnutt and am completely satisfied,  Charles addressed all issues no matter how big in a calm professional manner and guided me expertly through one of the toughest times I have faced in my business career." (From a client)

"Your papers were very good, Mr. Chesnutt" (From a bankruptcy judge)

"Your professionalism is outstanding" (From a bankruptcy judge)

"It is been my pleasure to refer multiple commercial clients to Mr. Chesnutt under a variety of challenging circumstances. We have all been quite pleased with Mr. Chesnutt's exceptional levels of legal expertise, personal service and cost effectiveness. I recomend Mr. Chesnutt without hesitation." (From a referring attorney)

"... It has been a year since the process was completed and we are no longer under the pressures we had before.The process, with Charles’ help, went smoothly and the outcome was as good, if not better, than we might have expected, in large part because Charles, by his experience, led us through the whole maze in an orderly and simple manner." (from a client)

"Going through something as personal as a bankruptcy forces an emotional reaction that one may not possibly be ready for.  In my case, it was a devastating admittance of failure that hit me as I sat there waiting for my hearing. The compassion and understanding that was present from Charles Chesnutt  while I went through this process is what helped me get through it and move on.  His personal care and involvement in every aspect of the lengthy procedure was supportive and helpful, which allowed me to have a complete understanding of the entire process.  I would recommend him and his team to anyone I know that needs this type of service and needs to come out of it with the same positive attitude that I did." (From a client)

"After a bad divorce I was left with a huge amount of debt that I was unable to keep up with. Mr. Chesnutt was very thorough in explaining the process of Bankruptcy to me and answered all my questions. The process was very smooth and after my discharge I was able to breath a sigh of relief. I am very fortunate to have been recommended to call Mr. Chesnutt by a Attorney friend of mine." (From a client)

"I had never thought I would have to file bankruptcy, but when it was inevitable I am so happy I found Charles Chesnutt to represent me.  They were so professional and sympathetic; the procedure could not have been more pleasant under the circumstances.  I would recommend their firm for anyone experiencing the prospect of bankruptcy." (From a client)